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In the Latin world, where relations with classical culture matured more slowly, we find attitudes similar to those encountered in Greek Christendom, despite the differences in environment and in individual personalities. In the mentality of the Latins, more attentive to concrete problems including the institutional aspects of Christianity and to historical events, attitudes to classical culture were deeply influenced by three centuries of persecution and opposition by pagan society. Dallas Metro Map We see this in Tertullian, who shows implacable hostility to every aspect of pagan culture, especially in the effects of social life. Fearing that a conciliatory attitude might be seen as approval of the idolatrous worship that pervaded every aspect of pagan life, he unlike the Letter to Diognetus advocated for Christians an isolation that became ever more difficult as they increased in number. In the doctrinal field, his De testimonio animae proclaimed the uselessness of the attempts made by most of the earlier apologists to show the consonance between the natural theology of Christianity and the doctrines of pagan poets and philosophers, claiming that openness to Christianity was something spontaneous, innate to the soul not led astray by prejudice. This did not prevent him using, with all his originality and vigor, all the means of expression taught by the schools, the common heritage of contemporary culture.

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