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7 km {4 miles) NW of the centre. Road 70. Q 0248-79 79 50 for performances and tours. O (D 0 Mora Map Sweden ©

Dalarna. Road 70. Igfl /; 000 H0H Siljan Tourism Mora, Stationsvagen, 0250-59 20 20. @ Vasaloppet Ski Race (1st Sun in Mar), Stora Daldansen Dance Festival (3rd week in May).

Tie municipautv of Mora and the town itself-beautifully situated between Orsasjon and Siljan lakes -offers a wide range of Bedroom in Zorngarden, Anders Zorn’s home and studio

Zorn’s statue of Gustav Vasa in Mora attractions. Mora is particularly associated with King Gustav Vasa (1496-1560) and artist Anders Zorn (1860-1920). Gustav Vasa’s travels in Dalarna in 1520 to mobilize local men against the Danish occupation have left many traces. Near Mora, the Utmeland monument (I860) shows several romanticized paintings chronicling Gustav’s adventures. It was built over the cellar where he is said to have hidden from Danish t scouts. The annual Vasaloppet ski race (245) is another memorial to the king. At the finishing line in Mora stands Anders Zorn’s statue of Gustav Vasa and the nearby Vasaloppsmuseet recounts the history of the famous ski race.

Anders Zorn became known internationally not least for his portraits of plump, naked local women. He was genuinely interested in peasant culture and an ardent collector of local handicrafts. In Zorngarden. which he built himself, he revelled in a world of National Romanticism. On the estate there are a number of older buildings which have been moved here, such as the 12th-century bakehouse which was used as a studio. The nearby Zornmuseet displays Zorn’s own art and private collections.

Environs: Nusnas. 8 km (5 miles) south of Mora, is where the national symbol of ” Sweden, the Dala horse, is manufactured. Originally a 19th-century toy, the horses are carved with a knife and colourfully decorated. It is possible to watch them being made on weekdays.

On the island of SoUerdn on Lake Siljan is the boatyard where the traditional church boats used on church outings and rowing races between the lakeside villages are made. There is also a pretty church dating from 1785.

Tomteland in Gesunda is the home of Father Christmas and his workshop, which is busy all summer making presents for children. The huge park offers various activities, including the witch’s school -strictly for youngsters who want to learn about magic and how to help friends and protect the environment.

Hr Vasaloppsmuseet

Vasaloppets Hus Q 0250-392 25.

Q 16 Jun-14 Aug: daily; 7 5 Aug-15 Jun: Mon-Fri. public holidays. I3


TTr Zorngarden

Vasagatan 36. 0250-59 23 10, 0250-59 23 16 daily ft 24 825 Dec, Good Friday Hr Tomteland

Gesunda. 12 km (7.5 miles) S of Mora. Ql 0250-287 70. Q varies, phone for info.

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