Dalarnas Museum Sweden

H 023-76 55 00. daily. Good Friday, Midsummer, 24 & 25 Dec.

Dalarna. Road 70. ft? 15,500. fj Norsgatan, 0247-79 61 30.

Music on Siljan Lake (Jul), Rowing race in church boats (1st Sun Jul), Himlaspelet Pageant (Jul).


The landscape around Siljan lake is especially beautiful, but the Leksand area is the most striking. One of the best times to see the lake is during the annual rowing race in church boats in early July.

Another annual event is Himlaspelet. one of Sweden’s oldest rural pageants. First perfonned in 1941, Rune Lindstrom’s play about a path which leads to heaven depicts the witch trials of the 1670s.

The onion dome of Lek-sand’s 18th-century Baroque church can be seen from far and wide. Parts of the church date from the 13th century.

Environs: Karlfeldtsgarden -Sangs i Sjugare was the

summer retreat of author and Nobel prize-winner Erik Axel Karlfeldt (1864-1931). It lies

The folk sculpture Dalecarlian Couple in Leksand on Opplimen lake just north of Leksand. Here it is possible to follow in the footsteps of the author’s heroine, who came wandering over the meadows of Sjugare. Also worth a visit is the garden on the poet’s estate.

Younger visitors to Leksand will be attracted by Aventyret Sommarland. comprising three amusement parks on the banks of Siljan lake: Waterland, Motorland and Summerland.

Insjon, 8 km (5 miles) south of Leksand was the birthplace in 1899 of the Swedish mail order business run by Ahlen & Holms. The mail order tradition lives on with Clas Ohlson. whose store attracts so many DIY enthusiasts that Insjon has become Dalarna s most visited tourist destination.


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