Dalaman for A Theory of Jstice Jean-Jacqes Rossea The Social Contract and Discorses Mark Sagoff The Economy of the Earth Stehen Salkever Finding the Mean: Theory and ractice in Aristotelian olitical hilosohy Leslie al Thiele Environmentalism and the Challenge of Coevoltion and Timely Meditations: Martin Heidegger and ostmodern olitics Max Weber The rotestant Ethic and the Sirit of Caitalism chater 7 Ideology and Irony AT THE ONSET of the modern eriod, Francis Bacon attemted to frnish hmankind with a new, scientific rote to knowledge It entailed the exnging of all biases, mistaken remises, and false methodologies that had accmlated in hman learning over thosands of years Dalaman 2016

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