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In and about Rome, a catechesis catechizatio for children catechumeni, competentes or electi takes up the traditional rites, including three scrutinia, traditio and redditio symboli; renunciation of Satan; Czech Republic Metro Map and aperitio of the ears and nose: the children, who do not understand, are saved by the adults, who profess for them, just as they were damned by another’s fault according to the deacon John to the comes Senarius of Ravenna: Ep. ad Sen. 7. A special importance is assumed here by the Sacramentarium Gelasianum vetus containing the traditions of the city of Rome from before 680, with mid-6th-c. Greek texts regarding preparation for baptism in Lent see M. Metzger, Les sacramentaires = Tipologie des sources du M.A. occidental 70, Turnhout 1994, 81-106. Attested there are the formularies of the Mass pro scrutiniis electorum, with a memento for the godparents to be named individually, just as with the reading of the names of the electi competentes in their own Hanc igitur. It begins with the announcement of the scrutinies denuntiatio pro scrutiniis, which, occurring on the Monday of the 3rd week of Lent, proves that they were now done on weekdays A. Chavasse, Le sacramentaire glasien, Paris 1958, 159. The rites for the baptismal preparation of children are described; but there are also adult converts of Christian parents ad caticuminum ex pacano faciendum: Sacr. Gelas. vet. 599 93, called indiscriminately catechumeni and electi there was now therefore only one degree of preparation!; also, the symbolum was recited first in Greek, then in Latin. Adaptation of the liturgy to infant baptism is visible in the ordo of the Lenten readings of the city of Rome A. Chavasse, Liturgie Rome 1993, 51-52; see P.M. Gy, Du baptªme pascal des petits enfants au baptªme quamprimum, in Haut Moyen ‚ge: culture, ducation et socit, Mlanges P. Rich, Nanterre 1990, 353-365.

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