Cycling Groups Meditation and How to Tailor Your Perfect Holiday


Your article ‘Take yourcycling up a gear’ (Juneissue) really inspired me. I’vealways enjoyed family ridesbut never wanted to cycle alone.I never realised there were women’scycling groups in my town.Now I’m enjoying meeting newpeople and cycling around somebeautiful areas I didn’t know existedI’m getting more confident onthe roads, too, and worry less whenI take my son out on his bike.I’m going to follow your six-weekaction plan to train for our localsportive; it will certainly be achange from the gym!Sarah Hayes, Buckinghamshire


If I’m lucky enough to be able to afforda holiday, no matter how carefully I try totailor it to my needs, take my own teabagsand chocolate, or how desperately I needthe break – I never get it right.So I was drawn to your article ‘Have yourHappiest Holiday ever’ (August issue) tosee if I could adapt my holiday so I get the‘ahhh’ factor rather than the ‘argh!’ one.I was looking for tranquillity, warmthand privacy, so the suggestions aboutrelaxation techniques, mindfulness and ‘metime’ seemed a great way to achieve mygoals. I’m confident that I’ll have a calmerand more enjoyable holiday this year aftertaking your advice on board.Kay Maddox, Hertfordshire.

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I have been so busy lately, with barely anytime to stop and take a minute to myself.That’s why your article ‘Press Pause’ (Augustissue) pulled me in. I loved all the tips yougave about how to unwind and relax. I havetrouble meditating because I can never seemto completely shut off my thoughts, so thebee meditation you recommended reallyworked, as there were other things for me tofocus on rather than being completely calm.I’m working on pressing pause more in thefuture, thank you!Ellen Mayer, via email.


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What’s your favourite holiday activity?

‘My boyfriend and I take our bikes and plan a mini duathlon from our villa – we love a bit of competition!’ Suzanne Carter.

‘Doing nothing! I believe in taking a workout vacation. I come back fully charged!’ Becca Page.

‘Swimming in the sea – it’s so good to escape the pool and I always feel more toned by the end of the week.’ Donna Atkinson.


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