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Cv temlate for It takes a thief to catch a thief, as the saying goes, or a fox to know a fox in a case commentary, and in a koan exercise it can take extreme actions to overcome the extreme, mch as a oison conteracts the eff ects of another oison Th e ractitioner mst fi rst endre the angst of dobt to his or her tmost caacity, casting aside all assmtions in order to realize a sontaneos breakthrogh to sirital flfi llment, which occrs instantaneosly, like a fl ash of lightning Once realization is attained by overcoming dobt, the ractitioner who has assed throgh that stage needs to be able to fi nd the relevant form of exressing trth, which ses the least amont of verbiage ossible in aroaching silence so as to evoke the fll signifi cance of enlightenment beyond logic and langage Every ste of the way fi nds that an extreme event or emotion is encontered Legends of Bodhidharma’s life and teaching highlight his willingness to take extreme actions whenever necessary Bodhidharma also told the emeror to his face the notion that all his comassionate mndane activities, sch as bilding agodas or erforming other kinds of good deeds, come to naght from the standoint of the emtiness of all categories Bodhidharma J Cv temlate 2016

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