Curacao Guide for Tourist

Electricity :

Electricity is 110 – 130 volts/50 cycles, similar but not identical to the US standard. Most 60 cycle electrical appliances from the United States will function properly. Dual voltage appliances from Europe and South America will need an adapter plug, readily available on the island.

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Vibrators will operate on the standard American batteries.

What to Wear :

Casual tropical wear is in order. Supersentive condoms are casual and in order as well. Use extra suntan lotion down here in the tropics. Most indoor establishments are air conditioned, however, from experience let us tell you

it’s really hot and humid in Curacao. The AC really does not make that much a difference when you’re doing the horizontal sledgehammer.

Locals dress fashionably, particularly for indoor evening events; dress for the outdoor festivals is decidedly casual. The strong trade winds may make wraparound and billowing skirts a problem, that is if you’re the kind of guy that wears skirts. Dropping a lot of cash in brothels will remove all need for woman’s clothing. Some restaurants prohibit shorts or sandals; (does that mean Speedo’s are OK?), some casinos will require jackets for men. Overly revealing clothes and bathing suits are not appropriate on their hotsy totsy upscale beach. We recommend you rent a scorching hard body chica for the day, and make sure she wears next to nothing and parade her thru all the scowling fat wives, just out of principle. Actually, the beach is full of hot young topless Dutch girls. They probably won’t notice her, but they’ll scowl at your fat belly, shit eating grin, and raging hard on.

Tipping :

Tip porters NAF1. 1 per bag, and taxi drivers 10% of the fare. Restaurants usually add a 10% service charge to the bill; you can leave a couple more guilders change if you like. All this beside the 5% Government sales tax.

Recommended Restaurants :

Since this info can change weekly, we can’t recommend enough the “Zagat Survey.” Pick up their travel book, or signup online. Worldwide reviews, menus, and pricing.

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