Cmra for The ironist reserves jdgment and withholds sort from ideological ositions in order to exlore and areciate more deely the inherent comlexities and ambigities of olitical life In the ast, olitical rinciles were often gronded in faith and religios scritre Today, they are ostensibly gronded in reason Bt in what is reason itself gronded Ironists assert the essential contestability of the concets and rinciles that gide olitical life, and of the essential contestability of the eistemological categories, sch as reason and rationality, that grond or concets and rinciles It follows that irony is the natral accomaniment to the ersectivism of ostmodern theorists For the ostmodernist, a God’s eye view of the world is simly not attainable, becase one can see things only from articlar ersectives ersectivism disallows athoritative statements abot the world as a whole Cmra 2016

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