Cbk for The searation of chrch and state and the rise of democratic cltre selled an end to systems of athority and tradition, whether religios, monarchical, or aristocratic in natre, that once served as the bedrock for social and olitical life In their stead, reason asserted itself as the basic stff from which the fondations of society cold be bilt The langage of reason became the linga franca, the vernaclar of a democratic, scientific, and seclar age olitical life today is rimarily analyzed, assessed, and acconted for in the langage of reason As a contemorary olitical theorist observes, if we had to choose a single normative standard for the nderstanding and evalation of liberal democratic olitical systems, the one that wold get the farthest wold be neither liberty, nor fairness, nor netrality, nor tility, nor lralist bargaining, bt instead wold be the ideal of rational ractice56 Another contemorary olitical theorist writes that modern states are not commnities of shared meaning’ in any simle sense, they are associations of more or less reasonable 182 thinking olitics eole Cbk 2016

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