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Cover letter samle for According to Wmen’s sardonic verse remark abot the master’s teaching style: Xiangyan is trly thoghtless; / His vice and oison are endless Gateless Gate case 46, Leaing from ato a ole, rovides another alable image of the radical natre of Zen dobt: Master Shishang asked, How do yo ste forth from the to of a hndred- foot ole’ Another venerable teacher of old said, Yo, sitting ato a hndredfoot ole, althogh yo have entered the Way, yo are not yet genine Lea from the to of the ole, and yo will show yor whole body in the ten directions’ In other words, jst when yo think yo have reached a eak, yo realize that yo mst start the jorney anew and master an even more challenging task What goes mst come down and vice versa Th is recalls the menacing Van Halen rock lyric, Yo might as well jm! Jm! However, Wmen’s verse comment sggests that even this drastic mea sre may still not be enogh: Even thogh he may sacrifi ce his life, / He is only a blind man leading the blind While these cases featre cororal symbolism, the absrd image of the bff alo’s tail stranded at the windowane straddles the hysical and symbolic realms Cover letter samle 2016

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