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Couples vacation for Fundamental to this hypothesis is the fact that Alpha Aquarii was known in Arabian tradition as the lucky star of the king/kingdom, although it is conceded that it was not perceived to represent one particular royal figure. In order to explain why one particular annual morning rising prompted the Magi to embark on a journey westward to Judea, proponents of this view propose that some astronomical phenomenon in the relevant year must have seemed to invest the star with great signiicance. Seargent suggests that there may have been an alignment between a planet and this star. Alternatively, he mentions the possibility that an important conjunction or a massing of planets at an astrologically signiicant moment might have engendered Alpha Aquarii’s heliacal rising with special meaning that year. Seargent speculates that, in the wake of the triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces of BC, the rising of Alpha Aquarii in February of BC would have been regarded as having special importance. He claims that Pisces was the zodiacal sign of Israel and the Messiah and that the constellation was associated with change and new beginnings. According to this theory, during the Magi’s short journey from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, sometime between July and September, this star would have moved in front of them until it crossed the meridian, its highest point culmination, in the south. Couples vacation 2016.

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