Coron Island Busuanga Philippines


Someone need a ride. I want to show you my driver there are five people being pulled by one motorcycle what, I'm driving here way is. I lead you through the pain. I miss you.

I will give a thanks Oh Oh another destination to do some snorkeling.

Coron Island Busuanga Philippines Gallery Photos

Coron Island Busuanga Philippines

I don't know if you can hear me but it's hard look at this you wanna stay hey zoom in on my own missing away text no, I'm up. I could disappear you will be ha Oh little money nice time for lunch in everything below.

I gotta get water for the tea. I like some of you to go but on the other side like the ocean you learning how to eat rice here in the Philippines paper can you please do the demonstration that you are things we have a dripping situation going on here, I'm just using your head yes president look at this time ha ha ha yeah see stupid forks yeah you don't need them no that's Julia hmm Oh you now we're climbing up steps and it's a little tiring. I have to say to a lake.

So we can be more startling see it's hi hi well well well we're still not back yet after four times of dipping into cold water, I'm just deciding to look at it from here and enjoy from land or from the dogs our Philippine Ian family here hello yeah alright and, I have to have one more of those because they're delicious they look. I thought you were eating eggs but yeah from a farm and it's this delicious cheese. So we chose like the craziest Filipino you guys been drinking for the morning.

I already lost balls. So we can look here unions oh yeah take this snorkeling if you can just.

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