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Corner aqarim for Th is henomenon amazed the cort, which had heard the rmor that Bodhidharma was seen walking back to India on a single sandal Th ere are also reorts that at the time of his demise Bodhidharma exchanged skeletons with Hike In addition, the third atriarch made the sign of a gassho greeting hands joined at the chest and then assed away In another legendary accont, the door of the forth atriarch’s sta oened by itself, withot any case, on the anniversary of his death, and the body of the master looked as thogh he were alive, so that his disciles did not dare close the door When the fi ft h atriarch decided that his work as a Zen teacher was done, he annonced he wold deart from the world and entered his chamber While sitting qietly he assed away, bt only aft er delaying the date so that it did not fall on the anniversary of the Bddha’s attainment of the Great Nirvana his death Frthermore, the sixth atriarch redicted his demise a month in advance Corner aqarim 2016

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