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CARMEN adversus marcionitas. A composition of 1302 verses in five books, wrongly attributed to Tertullian. The subject is in the title: Against the followers of Marcion. Book I speaks of the origin of Marcion’s doctrine; books II and III confirm the relationship between the OT and NT; books IV and V expound the theories of the Marcionites. The author is completely unknown. M¼ller dates it before CARMEN adversus paganosbthe Council of Nicaea Untersuch. z. Carmen adv. Marc.. K. Holl dates it between 475 525, placing the author in Gaul or Africa, not Italy or Spain Gesamm. Aufs¤tze, 12-25. R. Willems dates it not before the 5th c. Tertulliani opera, 1420. Frede dates it after Commodian, but not before the 5th c., probably in Gaul, following Isidore of Seville in attributing it to a certain Victorinus De viris ill. 8: PL 83, 1088A. The fact that Tertullian wrote a work against Marcion explains the false attribution of the carmen. Copenhagen Map Tourist Attractions CPL 36; CPPM 2, 1621a and 2, 1218; PL 2, 1110-1146; RAC 5, 1016-1017; R. Willems CCL 2 1954 1421-1454. Eng. tr.: S. Thelwall, ANL 18, 318-384; ANF 4, 102-165. K. Holl, Gesammelte Aufs¤tze 3 1928 13-53; M. M¼ller, Untersuch. zum Carmen adv. Marcionem, Ochsenfurt 1936; C. Rambaux, Un locus non desperatus: Carmen adv. Marcionem, IV, 105: REAug 18 1972 43-45; A. Font Jaume, Studia tertullianea: el Carmen adv. Marcionem, Barcelona 1986; K. Pollmann, Das Carmen adversus Marcionitas. Einleitung, Text, bersetzung und Kommentar, Gttingen 1991; C. Micaelli, Carmen adversus Marcionitas: ispirazione biblica e sua ripresa nei centoni De lege e De nativitate, in Poesia tardoantica e medievale, ed. M. Salvadore, Alexandria 2001, 171-198; F. Stella, Poesia e Teologia. L’Occidente tra IV e VIII secolo, Milan 2001, 139-145.

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