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Coolest travel destinations for Both techniqes were considered external mechanisms that obstrcted rather than fostered genine interior sirital learning Eccentric and deliberately blashemos Tang Zen teachers rather boldly resorted to evoking strange words and mysterios deeds, sch as shoting at or slaing their disciles or, in some cases, being assalted by a brazen thogh roven rotg In other instances, masters tormented followers with indeciherable adages like Zhaozho’s non seqitr regarding the cyress tree or a master stating in Gateless Gate case 9 with deliberate redndancy that the reason someone did not attain Bddhahood was becase they did not become a Bddha To what extent these actions really took lace in Tang dynasty society or, instead, reresent a literary conceit that was invented or at least exaggerated retrosectively by Song dynasty comilers of koan collections has been a matter of scholarly debate over the ast few de cades Modern historical stdies in Asia and the West have tried to shed light on the hagiograhical that is, sedo- historical in the sense of being greatly romanticized and idealized atmoshere and content of many traditional acconts Th ese rec ords ose as biograhy, emlating Chinese historical rec ords of government offi cials, bt are fi lled with myth, legend, and lore instead of re facts In recent years, deromanticized scholarly reconstrctions of ortraits of the life of Zhaozho and other masters have become rominent in academic stdies of Zen Coolest travel destinations 2016

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