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Cool vacations for In BC, Jupiter and Saturn rose heliacally on different days, when they were more than degrees apart, many weeks before the irst of the three conjunctions. The word rising is, of course, more naturally used of individual astronomical entities a star, a comet, a nova/supernova, or a planet or constellations. Fourth, the idea that magi at the turn of the ages would have interpreted a simple triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces to signify the birth of a royal igure is very questionable. As we noted above, Parpola suggests that Jupiter is Marduk’s star and Saturn is the king’s. According to him, Pisces, as the last zodiacal constellation, introduced the idea of the end of the old age and the commencement of the new age, more particularly the birth of a Savior and King elected by God. However, that is an unsubstantiated and tenuous interpretation there is no foundation for the claim that, to the ancient Near Easterners, Pisces could have conveyed the idea that the end of the age was in view or that a new divinely appointed savior had been born. Similarly, while there is plenty of evidence to suggest that, in the ancient world, the planet Jupiter was viewed as the planet of the chief God, and that Saturn was sometimes thought to have a special association with the Jews, the idea that the constellation Pisces had a particular association with Palestine or the Jewish people is lacking support in contemporary literature. Cool vacations 2016.

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