Considerations for Selecting a Ski Resort for Your Holiday

Millions of skiers across the world will want to hit the slopes this holiday season at one of the many world-class resorts in Europe. There are many ways to choose which resort to book for skiing, including your abilities, the available amenities, and non-ski activities in the surrounding area. In addition, the available accommodations are very important if you are travelling with a group or with your family. Here are some considerations for choosing the best ski resort for your skiing holiday.

Who Is Going?

One of the most important considerations for selecting a resort is who is going on the trip with you. If you are going with some friends, and you’re all single, then you may want to select a resort near a larger city with a vibrant nightlife. You’re not going to be spending every moment on your trip on the slopes, and you may want to go dancing or out to a nice restaurant if you meet someone on your trip. While the quality of your skiing or snowboarding experiences will be important, you and your friends may get bored if you book a resort near a small village.

If you are married and taking your family skiing for the holidays, you will want to pick a resort that is more geared for families. In many cases, this will include a resort that has slopes designed for all skiing or snowboarding abilities, including ski instructions if someone in your party has never been on skis before. In addition, you will want to select a resort that has non-skiing activities and childcare options if someone in your group doesn’t wish to go skiing or if you have a little one too young to be on the slopes.

Selecting by Ability

When reviewing ski resorts, look for those that can accommodate all skiing abilities within your group. If you have some newbies amongst you, you will want a resort with beginner’s trails and possibly a ski school to teach skiing basics. Ideally, the beginner’s slopes will not intersect with more advanced trails, so more expert skiers will not be cutting through a beginner’s attempts to balance themselves on skis or a snowboard.

You don’t want someone who is moderately experienced to accidentally take a more dangerous trail, so look closely at where the different trails are located. Most resort reviews will give you the information you need about how many trails are available, their division by ability, and where they are located.

Non-Ski Activities

When you’re not skiing, or if you want to do something else besides ski, you should look for resorts that offer a variety of other activities. You can find resorts that offer tours to nearby attractions, hiking or cycling trips depending on the time of year you go skiing, and opportunities to go shopping. Resorts that cater to families often have a schedule of activities for kids, including ski and play activities for younger children.

Many resorts have spas onsite, and they may also have swimming pools for use when you want to relax or if the weather isn’t suitable for skiing. You may not need to go far if you want to try different restaurants or bars to meet some of the other resort patrons. Many of the luxury resorts have high-end restaurants and bars onsite for their guests.

Available Accommodations

Most ski resorts offer a combination of accommodations onsite, or you can book a hotel or an apartment in a nearby village. If you are bringing a family group or a few friends, you should consider one of the high-end chalets the resort offers. Instead of dividing your group into different hotel rooms, you can book a chalet for as many as 24 guests. A chalet offers more privacy than a hotel, and you will have amenities available to your group that are not in most hotel rooms.

A chalet has all the comforts of home, if not more. You will have a private kitchen to cook your meals in. They usually offer satellite TV, Wi-Fi, game rooms, and sometimes hot tubs. Many resorts offer special services for those staying in their chalets, which may include lift tickets for everyone in your party, catered meals, complimentary champagne, and other special offerings that make booking a chalet a better option for your group than a hotel.

Many chalets also offer ski-in/ski-out options, so you are right on the slopes when you leave the chalet. This allows you to ski on the mountain right from your door without needing to take the lift until you need to return for the evening. Plus, if you don’t want to go skiing, you have a luxurious, private place to spend some time with friends or family.

Available Ski Packages

Selecting a ski package can be a good way to book time at a resort that you may never have been to before. Many ski packages offer transportation to and from the resort, ski passes, lift tickets, and equipment geared to your skiing abilities. In addition, the luxury resorts may offer concierge service, accommodations in a hotel room or a chalet, catered meals, and many other amenities. You should be able to find ski packages designed for couples or families, and group packages too.

There are several companies that specialise in booking ski holidays, and they usually have information on the resorts they represent. Go online to search for information about the ski resorts or areas that you would like to visit, or contact a travel agent to get more information. As the snow starts to fly, you will probably come across more ski package offers and deals at resorts throughout Europe.

Searching the Internet for ski packages at resorts is a good way to find good deals and learn more about the resorts you wish to visit, whether it is in the French or Swiss Alps, in Italy or one of the many other luxury ski resorts throughout Europe.

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