Congo, Democratic Republic Subway Map

The place of teaching in this period in which, esp. Due to the increase in infant baptism, the institution of a catechumenate disappeared became the family and the church, with catechumens and faithful together both in the liturgy and in celebrations of the word. Language in the West was simplified sermo humilis in response to the needs of catechesis. The sociocultural context, however, was pagan.

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Congo, Democratic Republic Subway Map

The division between East and West was accentuated, Congo, Democratic Republic Subway Map while the axis of Christendom moved from the Mediterranean to the north; dialogue between Greeks and Latins was replaced by dialogue between Romans and Germans. A dual-focused structure was established: churchemperor, in dialectic tension. From the 4th c.

Differences between the Eastern and Western liturgies were introduced, within the diversity of language and culture. Catechesis was only for adults: instruction on the truths of faith and morality for the unbaptized. There is no catechesis of children until the end of the 6th c.

Parental catechesis takes place in the Christian family see, among others, J.Chrysostom, De inani gloria SC 188; tr. And comm.

By M.G¤rtner, Die Familienerziehung: RAC 6, 547; O.Pasquato, I laici in G.

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Took place in this context.

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