Conakry Map

Conakry Map

Facts Conakry
Countries Conakry Map: Guinea
Conakry Map States: Conakry
Found to Conakry Map: 1887
Conakry Map and Population: 1931184
Conakry Map And Lat Long Coordinate: 9‚°31‚²N13‚°42‚²W
Time Zone of Conakry Map: UTC+1
Conakry Map And Codes: +224 – 4
Languages of Conakry Map: French and Pular (Fulfulde or Fulani), Maninka (Malinke), Susu, Kissi, Kpelle, and Loma.
Religions of Conakry Map: Muslim and Christians, Hindus, Buddhists
Interesting places of Conakry Map: Casa de Belle Vue, Center Culturel Franco Guineen, Conakry National Museum, Palais de Nations, Presidential Palace, Palais du Peuple, Jardin 2 Octubre, Conakry Botanical Garden , Paroisse Saint Michel, Conakry Grand Mosque , 8 November Bridge

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