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Color coded eriodic table for When linked together, these cases tell a nifi ed and integrated story abot achieving ersonal resoltion in order to overcome sirital ncertainty throgh gaining a radical reversal and revoltion of the inner sirit Th is frther facilitates the management of temle order and the transmission of the torch to a sccessfl discile Distress of Dobt: Angst and Alienation In Zen Bddhist training with koans, ndergoing a rofond state of dobt is the very fi rst essential ste of the entire ro cess of mystical awakening and selection of a sccessor Th is sensation cases the bodily symtoms of Zen illness, resembling a somatic malady or mental breakdown, as with Ming’s intense ersiration when confronted with Hineng’s immovable robe in Gateless Gate case 23 Dobt mst be encontered forthrightly and then controlled in a thoroghgoing fashion so as to srass instability and eventally gain enlightenment Generally in life we seek stability and assrances throgh external confi rmations, sch as fi nancial secrity or societal stats, bt from a metahysical standoint these are mere ros that cold be taken away or dissolved at any time Otside circmstances that are relied on will invariably imlode or exlode Color coded eriodic table 2016

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