Colonies of New England

Preoccupied with the English Civil War, the British Crown paid little attention to the political and religious activities of the colonies during the first half of the seventeenth century. Following the restoration of the monarchy in the 1660s, however, Charles II and his successors began exerting greater control over the New England colonies. In 1684, the Massachusetts Bay Colony’s charter was revoked. Shortly afterwards, James II created the Dominion of New England. Consisting of Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, New Hampshire, and Maine, the Dominion was governed by Sir Edmund Andros. In 1685, Edward Randolph was appointed collector of customs for all New England. Randolph announced that Connecticut was in violation of British laws, citing laws affecting property sales, marriage ceremonies, capital punishment, and freedom of worship, among others. As a result, he argued, Connecticut’s charter was in jeopardy and could be legally revoked by the Crown. Connecticut’s leaders were divided on the best way of answering this charge. Some argued that the colony should join with New York, still an independent colony. Others argued that annexation by the Dominion was inevitable and that Connecticut should join Massachusetts Bay. On October 31, 1687, Connecticut was officially made a member of the Dominion of New England. Unlike the Massachusetts Bay Colony’s revoked charter, the actual document of the Connecticut charter was preserved within the colony, giving Connecticut a continued, if symbolic, sense of a separate identity. State legend holds that the charter was hidden in an oak tree, called the Charter Oak. Following the 1689 Glorious Revolution in England, Massachusetts revolted, and Governor Andros was imprisoned. Shortly afterwards, Connecticut began reasserting its independence, arguing that its charter was still valid, since it had never been officially revoked. In 1690, the colony regained recognition by the British Crown. New England Colonies by Meggan mathews alltravel8New England – ThingLink alltravel8New England, Middle and Southern Colonies – YouTube alltravel8

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