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Colombia Politic map show the international boundaries, departments boundaries with their capitals and national capital.

Find location map of Colombia, show position of Colombia in northwestern South America.

Find the outline map of Colombia displaying the major boundaries.

Find Colombia latitude and longitude map show comprehensive details including city, roads, town, airport and much more.

The Physic Maps of Colombia shows elevations, mountain ranges, platea, river, plains and other topographic features.

This map shows the location of domestic and international airport in Colombia.

Colombia map show location of various Minerals.

This road map depicts the major and the minor roads of the Colombia.

Maps shows various river flows and water bodies across the Colombia country.

WHAT TO BUY: Bogota is the world center for the best emeralds (Bauer, Kling, and Kraus are the leading jewelry shops). There is the usual handwrought silver, Indian rugs, blankets, arrows, hats and pottery. The figurines sculptured from crude rubber and tinted are unusual; these are available in Cartagena.

WHAT TO WEAR: For Bogota women will need lightweight wool suits and dresses, sweaters and skirts, and fur jacket or topcoat. For the coastal cities lightweight clothes, of course. A raincoat is recommended wherever you go. Men need a topcoat and light wool suits for Bogota. Summer sports clothes for the coastal cities. WHERE TO GO SIGHTSEEING:

Bogota: There are many old Colonial buildings in Bogota dating from the pre-Bolivar era. The Palace of San Carlos, where the Libertador once lived, now the President‚„s home. Also the Teatro de Colon and the churches of La Veracruz, San Ignacio, San Agustin, La Tercera, San Diego, and San Francisco. All of these are very old. There are at least 60 churches in the city. The cathedral on the Plaza de Bolivar was originally built in 1572. Also don‚„t fail to see the Quinta de Bolivar. Bogota‚„s seats of learning are many. You should see the University City, the Universidad de los Andes, the Gimnasio Moderno, and the Colegio Nacional de San Bartolome, founded in 1604. Near the capital is Monserrate, a peak that may be ascended by funicular or cable car. There is a famous chapel on the summit. The Salto de Tequendama is a spectacular waterfall 13 miles from the city. It was an Indian shrine, and there are many legends connected with it. There‚„s an inn nearby. Las Salinas de Zipaquira, 30 miles from the city, are salt mines which are also very spectacular. Entering through a portal, one can drive for three miles underground. At the end of the largest gallery is a full-sized cathedral. By car or horseback go on to Laguna de Guatavita, 35 miles from the capital, a lagoon rimmed by high mountains, which was held sacred by the ancient Chibchas.

Barranquilla: A chief seaport, it is a bright modern city near the mouth of the Magdalena River, one of the greater waterways of the Western hemisphere. It is a place of contrasts of streamlined cars and boys riding burros, of a native dance known as la cumbia and modern jazz. It gets cooler from November to March. Best hotel in the city is the Hotel del Prado, with many air-conditioned rooms. The Hotel Pradomar, at the seaside resort 20 minutes away, is also good. The country clubs have fine golf courses, tennis courts and swimming pools. Wonderful deep-sea fishing nearby.

Cartagena: is a wonderful old walled city which lies on a sandy peninsula. There are many interesting old buildings and for-

The centrally heated new Hotel Tequendama (left) with every modern convenience for your stay in Bogota, Colombia tifications dating from the sixteenth century. There is good swimming at Boca Grande Beach. The Hotel del Caribe, located on this beach, has a casino. Also the Hotel San Felipe located in the city is good.

Cali: is a city in the rich Cauca Valley at an altitude of 3,000 feet and pleasant year-round climate.1 There are eight parks and the Cali River cuts through the city. Cali is surrounded by sugar plantations. Close to the city is the Estancia La Maria, home of the famous blog, La Maria, by Jorge Isaacs. The Alferez Real and the Hotel Menendez are on the Cali River; another good hotel is the Aristi. The Club Campestre de Cali is an ancient hacienda with incredibly green surrounding country. It‚„s the social center of the city and an extraordinary place. Club San Fernando is also very good. The 300-year-old Hacienda Cahas Gordas is beautifully preserved. Six miles from Cali, this is a ‚“must.‚ Visitors are welcome. Two good restaurants are Hosteria Madrid and Don Carlos.

Medellin: Famous for its‚Ëorchids, it is situated about 150 miles northwest of Bogota. It has the climate of late spring and is a garden spot. It is an air-route junction for all parts of Colombia. It is an industrial center of the country. The Nutibara is the leading hotel and compares with the best. The Medellin Country Club has excellent food and rooms, golf course, tennis courts and swimming pool. There are many interesting excursions available out of Medellin, such as the orchid plantation of Sra. Ospina Perez, and El Boqueron, a mountaintop restaurant.

Manizales: Has the largest cathedral in the country. One hour from Bogota by air, it is a photographer‚„s paradise. The city has an altitude of 7,000 feet and nearby at Nevado del Ruiz at 15,000 feet there is year-round skiing with ski lift and ski lodge. Manizales produces the best coffee in Colombia. The people are extremely hospitable. Every tourist is welcomed with a free bottle of Ron Caldas.

SOURCES OF FURTHER INFORMATION: There is a National Tourist Office in Bogota with branches in other principal cities. Pan American‚„s and Avianca‚„s representatives in Bogota are at Carrera 7a, No. 16-14 (Tel. 412001); Panagra‚„s at Carrera 10a, Seguros Bolivar Building (Tel. 411128); and in Barranquilla at Paseo Bolivar, Esquina Republica (Tel. 5346). In New York see the Colombian Consulate at 444 Madison Avenue.

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