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Colombia Guides Colombia Pics for Visiting from on high most naturally suggests descent. Stars that rise keep rising. However, like inferior planets Mercury and Venus, many comets descend after rising, and certainly the comet that announced Jesus’s birth did it rose within Virgo and then descended to be born. On anatole here being double entendre, see, for example, Fran?ois Bovon, Das Evangelium nach Lukas, Evangelisch- Katholischer Kommentar zum Neuen Testament, vols. Zurich Benziger, Darrell L. Bock, Proclamation from Prophecy and Pattern Lucan Old Testament Christology Shefield JSOT Luke Timothy Johnson, The Gospel of Luke, Sacra Pagina Collegeville, MN Liturgical Press It is also just possible to detect in anatole a quiet allusion to the palm branch in Virgo’s right hand. Incidentally, the Christ Comet would have been visible by this time, but its heliacal rising and the birth of the Messiah was still some months off note the future tense the rising [star shall visit. Colombia Guides Colombia Pics 2016.

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