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Cologne/Bonn Metro Map on Secular Movements in Production and Prices (1930) looked at long-term cyclical changes in the American economy beginning with the Civil War, while Seasonal Variations in Industry and Trade (1933) examined causes and solutions to economic fluctuations from season to season. In 1933, Kuznets wrote a groundbreaking article that carefully considered how to define and measure national income. The article led the U.S. Department of Commerce to construct official estimates of national income for the first time, with Kuznets overseeing the project. His subsequent work on historical national income showed that the long-term ratio of consumption to income remains nearly constant, and led to the development of modern theories about the behavior of consumption, such as those by Milton FRIEDMAN and Franco MODIGLIANI. During World War II, Kuznets worked with his former student Robert Nathan at the War Production Board, using his extensive knowledge of the economy to locate areas of slack that could be switched over to the munitions program, directing the flow of materials, and scheduling production to maximize wartime output. Cologne/Bonn Metro Map 2016.

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