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Cleveland Metro Map on Fish, ed., The Story of Housing (Macmillan, 1979); Saul B. Klaman, The Postwar Residential Mortgage Market (Princeton University Press, 1961); Joseph B. Mason, History of Housing in the U.S., 19301980 (Gulf Publishing, 1982); J. Paul Mitchell, Federal Housing Policy and Programs (Rutgers University, 1985); Gwendolyn Wright, Building the Dream: A Social History of Housing in America (Pantheon Books, 1981). Cleveland Metro Map 2016.

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From infancy, children of substance-dependent parents have greater problems managing anxiety and depressed feelings and controlling aggressive behaviors. These problems are likely to continue into early childhood and the school years, when many of these children develop academic problems because of problems with attention and impulsivity. Michigan researchers combined data from three longitudinal studies that included a sizeable sample of children of alcoholic parents and compared the number and kind of stressors they experienced from the preschool years into young adulthood with Travel Nurturing Close Family Relationships in a Technological Society a control group of children whose parents were not alcoholics. They found that, compared to controls, children of alcoholic parents experienced: a greater number of stressful life events; stress was more severe and began early in life stressor events recurred many stressor events fell in the area of family interactions and financial problems some stressful events resulted from parents impairments parent’s being arrested or going to jail, neighbors saying bad things about parent stress continued in young adulthood for the children of alcoholics as they were more likely to have family problems, difficulties getting work, and financial problems Adult children of alcoholics also experience parenting difficulties. Philip Cowan and Carolyn Cowan report that, to their surprise, percent of the parents in their study of couples becoming parents grew up with an alcoholic parent.

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