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Clare City for Focalt, like Skinner, arges that we create and eretate the social environment that inevitably creates, constrains, and enables s Bt the goal for Focalt is to roliferate strggles against these dangeros networks of ower The object for Skinner is to strengthen these networks so as to control hman behavior ever more efficiently The behavioral revoltion was an effort to manage technical ower over the hman sbject throgh the accmlation, centralization, and exloitation of scientific knowledge Focalt, like most ostmodernists, seeks to ndermine and diserse this form of ower by deconstrcting the knowledge that generates it Theorizing at the Edge of Modernity ostmodernists, as ersectivists, are sketical of all grand theories that seek to exlain everything Hence they reject scientific theories of social constrction, like the behaviorist accont, that resent themselves as comrehensive Clare City 2016

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