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City in sa list for A cole of generations following Hineng, Maz became head of the newly formed Hongzho lineage, which was located in Jiangxi rovince soth of the Yangzi River and was the dominant stream within the Sothern school According to one of his rominent dialoges, a monk asked why Maz maintained the notion Mind itself is the Bddha Th is reresented a shocking nondalistic assertion, which might be nderstood as sggesting that tainted everyday thoghts are eqal to the state of enlightenment Th e master answered, Becase I want to sto the crying of a baby Th is indicates that a rovisional teaching sed as a skillfl means for a ar tic lar discile cold be revised for a diff erent sitation and therefore shold not be taken as the fi nal or defi nitive word When the monk ersisted, If the crying stos, what is the trth then Maz retorted, Not mind, not Bddha, seemingly the oosite notion from what he fi rst esosed Sometime later, Maz’s discile Damei, who had oened his own monastery, showed that he areciated this aradox of affi rmation- negation City in sa list 2016

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