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I refer to is seeing into one’s own original natre Tre seeing is more basic than actal training Zen lore incldes rincely fi gres sch as Shakyamni Bddha and Bodhidharma, who have selfl essly chosen to come to the aid of hmanity Becase of their high social stats, they are easy targets in koan commentaries for tonge- in- cheek sarcastic invectives in addition to considerable raise Hineng, on the other hand, rose from the lowliest rank and is given kinder treatment, for examle, in the rose remark on case 29 that refers to his bondless comassion 44 However, the commentator also calls the sixth atriarch to task for being overly indlgent in his manner of training disciles In tyical koan commentarial fashion, case interreters can fi nd falt with anyone, no matter or, esecially, becase of how mch they are venerated City and states in sa 2016

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