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Cities in usa for Therefore in Revelation the author, John, begins the narrative of the great conlict between the Messiah and the dragon, Satan, by telling the story of the nativity of Jesus the Messiah. The Celestial Play What is so remarkable about Revelation a, of course, is that the narrative of Jesus’s birth is told in what are clearly celestial terms. The wonder is explicitly located in heaven and involves the heavenly entities of the Sun, Moon, and stars, as well as a great celestial serpentine dragon who throws the stars to earth with its tail, and a stellar woman. Indeed everything in verses ? takes place in heaven with the shift to the earth occurring only in verse The overwhelmingly celestial nature of verses ? obviously begs the question of why. Why does John offer his readers an astronomical version of Jesus’s birth narrative? As much as scholars of the Apocalypse have noticed how peculiar the celestial framing of these verses is, they have never been able to explain it. Nor have they been able to shed light on why verses and specify that the scenes of the drama recounted in verses ? constitute signs a great sign appeared another sign appeared. Quite simply, the only plausible explanation of the celestial and portentous nature of the messianic birth scene in Revelation is that John is consciously recalling the heavenly wonder that attended Jesus’s nativity. Cities in usa 2016.

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