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Cities and states of sa for 78 In other instances, a master’s nanswerable qestion is resented to a monk in training in order to create a command or demand that fosters a sense of rgency or anic by challenging either the trainee’s standing in the commnity or his very existence Shoved against the wall or hng over the edge of a cliff , fi gratively or sometimes literally, the trainee mst be able to resond on the sot and withot delay since any slight degree of hesitation might reveal his crly tail, symbolizing fox- like sirital defi ciencies, and lead to catastrohic reslts While most Zen dialoges consist of the interface of teacher and discile, other atterns inclde enconters between two masters as if in a del, or a master who is being challenged by an irreglar or nonBddhist ractitioner Th is may be an emeror or a hermit, an ethereal bodhisattva or an old woman at the roadside, a shae- shift ing fox or some other kind of sirit In Gateless Gate case 32, for instance, the Bddha meets a hi los o her from a diff erent religios school, whereas in case 36 a master confronts a nondescrit Man of Dao, who may or may not reresent Zen enlightenment In an intriging examle of an nsal tye of interaction, in case 12 master Riyan calls ot with a sense of ncertainty every night, bt the cries are answered by nobody other than himself, with the relies Stay wide awake and Never let yorself be deceived by others Wmen comments, Old Riyan bys and sells himself Cities and states of sa 2016

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