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Initiation typical of every religion in primitive Christianity was aimed at introducing persons coming from paganism or Judaism to Christian discipleship, receiving the three sacraments of initiation, i.e., baptism, confirmation and Eucharist. The catechumenate was a basic part of Christian initiation D. Borobio, Catecumenato, in Liturgia, Cinisello B. Mi 2001, 361. The early church’s effort in selecting and preparing candidates for baptism was substantial: a process of initiation, Cincinnati Map Tourist Attractions growth and apprenticeship through which the whole person was transformed, orienting his life in a radically new way toward the God of Jesus Christ and the church community see B. Maggioni, Ges¹ comunicatore della fede : Historiam Perscrutari, 513-520. The formation of converts was seen by the Fathers as taking place mainly in the bosom of the church-mother M. Dujarier, Devenir, 521. The catechumenatediscipleship springs from the life of the church, whose maternity precedes the catechumenal organization and where the indispensable need to initiate new members is primary Id., La funzione materna, 125-126. Born of a spontaneous movement of the community’s life and considered a requirement of the church’s mission, catechumenatediscipleship found its most typical forms in a process of adaptation to the various sociocultural and ecclesial situations, which moreover situated it among the paradigmatic expressions of the enculturation of the faith; it had little or nothing in common, however, with the forms of initiation to the pagan mysteries. The Christian community’s catechumenatediscipleship found seeds of inspiration in Jewish practice G. Leonardi, Il metodo educativo della comunit  ebraica e di Ges¹ : Historiam Perscrutari, 483-491, but its contents were Christian.

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