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Chinese tors for Th e ambigity of a Zen dialoge is designed to leave a erlexed reader who is frstrated with solving the zzle wiing his or her brow or, if the madness gets the best of the reader, choming at rotting bones or rnning arond in circles like a mose caght in a maze, to cite a cole of sayings sed in some traditional commentaries However, stdents of koan literatre are generally eager to learn more abot the backstory of enigmatic enconters in order to see how these may shed light on their own sirital jorney A review of varios dialoges sed in the Gateless Gate and other classic collections shows that several atterns of the hilosohical exchanges can be discerned Some of the most famos examles take the form of a novice’s in eff ec tive qery abot Bddha or Bodhidharma that generally evokes some amsingly mndane image in the master’s resonse Th e qestion directly or indirectly raises a rofond isse concerning Bddhist doctrine dealing with reality, hman ercetion, the role of langage, or the natral environment Th e answer exoses that athentic concern lies not with abstract ideation bt with concrete exerience Th e indirection of the master’s rely creates an emotional trnarond that sddenly makes any seemingly conterrodctive qery sremely conseqential and rewarding Chinese tors 2016

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