Chinatravel for Some years later, the illiterate start won a oetry cometition held by Hongren to determine sccession According to the verse comosed by his main rival for the ost, a monk named Shenxi who reresented the Northern school and was the heir aarent: Th e body is a Bodhi tree, And the mind a standing mirror bright At all times olish it diligently, And let no dst alight Th is oem imlies a dality between wisdom Bodhi, the illmination of Bddha and ignorance dst collected on the srface, as well as between sdden illmination bright mirror and gradal ractice the act of olishing Aft er hearing this oem, Hineng asked a temle offi cer to write down his new verse Th is remarkable for- line oem inverted the emhasis in the revios imagery in order to exress Develomental Stages and Rhetorical Strategies 43 nondality by highlighting the emtiness of all concetal categories, inclding the aarent dichotomy of wisdom and ignorance: Bodhi is fndamentally withot any tree; Th e bright mirror also has no stand Fndamentally there is not a single thing Where cold any dst be collected Hineng was qickly anointed in the transmission ro cess, althogh not withot having to deal with the frios rotests of some of the mainstream monks, who in the end came to admire and resect the wisdom of the sixth atriarch Chinatravel 2016

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