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China vacation for At this point the Star is described as coming came; v Since the Star had just led them to Bethlehem in the south and hence was at its highest point in the sky its culmination at the meridian [the great imaginary circle that passes through the zenith, the celestial poles, and the horizon’s north and south and was now straight in front of them, its coming must refer to the Star’s drop in altitude as it moved on its course toward the western horizon. The Star was preparing to point out for the Magi the place where the messianic baby was located. Standing over the House. The text is rather clear in its description from the perspective of the Magi, the Star eventually came to stand over the place where the messianic child was. Many scholars, often in a bid to rescue the account from sheer implausibility, have insisted that the place over which the Star stood was the town of Bethlehem as a whole. Carson, for example, comments, The Greek text does not imply that the star pointed out the house where Jesus was it may simply have hovered over Bethlehem as the Magi approached it. They would then have found the exact house through discrete inquiry Hagner claims that verse renders dificult any attempted explanation of the Star in terms of an astronomical phen omenon. China vacation 2016.

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