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China travel for It should be noted that it is not just Matthew v. who refers to a star that rose, but the Eastern astronomers also v Second, the miraculous view leaves key questions unanswered How did the Magi come to perceive that someone had been born, that he was King of the Jews, and that he was worthy of worship? The fact that the Magi traveled from their homeland to Judea in search of the Messiah suggests that they deduced from what the Star did prior to their departure that the Messiah prophesied in the Hebrew Scriptures had been born. However, the miraculous view cannot explain this without introducing elements that are absent from the narrative, such as that the Magi received other supernatural revelation too. One version of the supernatural hypothesis is that the guiding star was a guiding angel. According to this view, the apocryphal Gospel of the Infancy in particular, chapter was correct in its interpretation of Matthew’s Star when it said, In the same hour there appeared to them an angel in the form of that star which had before guided them on their journey; and they went away, following the guidance of its light, until they arrived in their own country. However, Matthew, even in the nativity narrative, is not shy about referring explicitly to angels when they are involved in events. For example, Matthew reports that an angel of the Lord appeared to [Joseph in a dream to command him to marry Mary cf. China travel 2016.

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