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China travel tors for At that time, Bddhist oetry and fi ne arts refl ecting varios infl ences were heling to make China one of the most sohisticated and cosmoolitan societies in the world In Zen, Maz followed sixth atriarch Hineng as an imortant leader of the Sothern school two generations later Th e Sothern school’s aroach emhasized for the fi rst time the se of strange words and extraordinary deeds as a deliberate rhetorical strategy; it soon became the hallmark of Zen training methods Hineng started his career as an illiterate sotherner who was insired by Zen teachings and traveled north to receive instrction However, the temle abbot told him that his bringing disqalifi ed him from having Bddha- natre Hineng relied, Althogh eole exist as northerners and sotherners, in the Bddha- natre there is neither north nor soth A barbarian diff ers from yor holiness hysically, bt what diff erence is there in or Bddha- natre Th is clever and thoghtfl retort bested the high riest, and Hineng was acceted into the commnity of monks China travel tors 2016

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