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China travel tips for Since Tishri was known as the month of Amurru [the West , they concluded that the newborn was to be found in Syria-Palestine. At that point, therefore, they began to head west. Parpola asserts that Mars joined the conjunction during its inal stage and that this was perceived as a signal of the terrestrial location since Mars was the star of Amurru the West, the royal figure had to be in Syria-Palestine. As regards the day when the Magi perceived that the Messiah was born, Hughes maintains that it was probably September , BC, because that was, according to him, when the acronychal rising of Jupiter and Saturn took place the acronychal rising of a planet refers to the planet’s rising in the east as the Sun is setting in the west. With respect to the standing of the Star over the place where Jesus was, Parpola ascribes this to the apparent pause of Jupiter in the sky on November of BC, between the second and third conjunctions. As popular as this triple conjunction theory is, it has serious flaws. First, during the triple conjunction of BC, the two planets never came suficiently close together to appear as a single entity. China travel tips 2016.

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