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China travel guide for Aside from meteors and the Moon, no celestial entity other than a comet in the inner solar system is capable of covering the celestial territory that the Star did over such a short time frame. The Magi saw the Star do something special in connection with its heliacal rising in the eastern sky. Some ? days after this sign in the east was completed, they saw the Star appear in the southern sky, going before them in the direction of Bethlehem from Jerusalem. Comets, particularly those with a small perihelion distance, that are making their inal approach to the Sun or receding from it may progress quickly through a signiicant portion of the sky. A comet with orbital elements within certain ranges could have heliacally risen in the eastern sky and, shortly thereafter, shifted to the western evening sky, and then migrated to the southern evening sky on schedule to usher the Magi to Bethlehem and point out the location of the house where baby Jesus was. Prograde and retrograde comets with relatively narrow inclinations and with small perihelion distances may, around perihelion time, shift over a fairly short period of time from the western evening sky to the eastern morning sky and/or from the eastern morning sky to the western evening sky. If the comet’s perihelion is the other side of the Sun from Earth’s perspective, a prograde comet with fairly low inclination would be on the east side of Earth and hence in the eastern sky shortly before perihelion and on the west side of Earth and hence in the western sky after perihelion. China travel guide 2016.

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