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China tours for That the tail was very long is suggested not just by the implicit claim that Numbers ‘s oracle of the cometary scepter was fulilled Matt. ; Rev. see also chapter below, but also by the Star’s going ahead of the Magi to Bethlehem and then standing over the house where Jesus was. Long tails are characteristic of long-period comets. Moreover, the awesome nature of the heliacal rising of the Star favors a productive comet with a close perihelion distance, which likewise strongly favors a longperiod comet. Not only was the Star evidently a large, intrinsically bright, long-period comet with a perihelion distance within Mercury’s orbit, but it was also almost certainly narrowly inclined to the ecliptic plane on which Earth orbits the Sun. The fact that the comet, obviously long, stood vertically or near-vertically over the western horizon at the conclusion of the Magi’s journey strongly favors this. China tours 2016.

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