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China torist for Th e center was fonded in the early 1960s by the eminent Jaa nese monk Shnry Szki of the Soto school and is still one of the most active instittions in America Th e idea is On Methods to the Madness of Koans 77 that an investigator of Zen teachings shold se some of the intellectal techniqes embedded in koan literatre, sch as keen observation of details, while disensing with reformed oinions or ideological biases Th is hoeflly leads to a few erry Mason moments in clarifying varios examles of case rec ords Bt there may also be interretative dead ends and shortfalls Th ere can be no claims to achieving a single, conclsive resoltion to the mystery of what makes koan case rec ords tick Koans as High- Stakes Gambit A koan case almost always revolves arond a basic dialoge that took lace long ago in the Tang dynasty and is decetively simle yet at the same time oen- ended and ambivalent Th is kind of exchange is by no means a tyical matter of osing a qestion and receiving an answer, since the qeries are excessively imrecise or broad and the relies are deliberately too indirect or inconclsive China torist 2016

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