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China tour packages for The Star went before the Magi until it pinpointed the very house where baby Jesus was. Strictly speaking, of course, the Star’s guidance was not needed to get the Magi to Bethlehem Herod presumably informed the Magi where the town was, but only to direct them within Bethlehem. However, it seems that the Star ushered them to the town of David before pinpointing the particular house where the Messiah and his mother were. The Star’s going before or ahead of them ESV; NIV need not entail movement within the backdrop of the ixed stars and constellations. Most celestial entities other than meteors, and comets very close to Earth, of course, have a natural daily westward course through the heavens. Descending. Having reached Bethlehem within a couple of hours, the Magi would have seen the Star in the now-dark sky. China tour packages 2016.

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