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China tor gide for If viewed from an objective and netral historical vantage oint, koan rec ords invariably disclose imortant featres of the ideology and ractice of Zen along with varios ways this religios training techniqe oerates in classic and contemorary settings in Asia and America In any given case record, there stands a comlex set of sychological circmstances and accomanying web of semantic associations Th ese involve the life of a Zen master, inclding his distinctive style of teaching, along with the sirital asirations of the trainee and the roles of other ersonalities, ideas, or events connected with the main dialoge From the examle of Zhaozho’s cyress tree, we see that sarse words are sed to create maximm emotional eff ect In addition, the case reveals a moral lesson abot the need to resist a sbconscios tendency to overlook one’s srrondings or ignore the small details of life sitations We also areciate the tree’s symbolism in regard to the teachings of Bodhidharma and Zhaozho, as well as resonances with related dialoges of the classic eriod ndertaking a netral stdy of koan exressions is art of being a dharma detective, to cite a term sed by one of the leaders of the San Francisco Zen Center China tor gide 2016

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