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China spree for Therefore there is good reason to believe that both the Bab ylo nians and the Judeans had observed the comet. In conclusion, the objection to the comet hypothesis based on its absence from the extant astronomical records should be irmly rejected. If we had comprehensive astronomical records, France and Parpola might have had a point. However, the records that we have are patchy at best. Comets Were Not Considered Stars’ The second of the two inal objections to the comet hypothesis is that a comet is not, strictly speaking, a star. For example, Judith Weingarten insists that Matthew’s choice of star aster could not refer to a comet because the ancients knew their comets from their stars. Likewise Raymond Brown presents as the irst argument against the comet view that a comet is not a star. China spree 2016.

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