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China Metro Map on Despite an extended depression in the 1890s and later short recessions, the pre-modern era lasting from 1880 to 1916 was generally an era of rapid economic and urban growth, and heavy immigration in which the United States emerged as the world’s leading industrial nation. Important technological innovations were introduced during this era that directly impacted the housing market, including improved building techniques, the street car, the automobile and the generation of electric power. These developments all contributed to a relatively high and stable level of housing production with minimal direct government involvement. By 1916, about 11 million dwelling units had been added to non-farm housing stock since 1880. The quality of the housing stock was substantially better in 1916 than in 1880, particularly in the cities. From 1880 to 1916, there was an estimated increase of 4.5 million units. China Metro Map 2016.

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