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China itinerary for Th is methodology is based in art on the notion that there are, in eff ect, koans to live by In a freqently cited work abot how langage fnctions in society, Meta hors We Live By, blished in 1980, athors George Lakoff and Mark Johnson demonstrate that everyday 76 verbal exression is fi lled with varios kinds of sefl meta hors Becase these fi gres of seech, sch as rices are rising or the sn is setting, are sed so rotinely, they aear to be clear bt may have comlicated meanings that are not readily recognized, and so their fnctions are not always noticed or examined careflly Yet a variety of meta hors determine the general way eole think and act A comarable role is layed by the literary richness involving metahors and other examles of rhetoric that was formed in traditional East Asian koan literatre and contines to imact modern intellectal life east and west So mch of the verbiage sed in a tyical case and its commentaries may seem imractical or gets easily glossed over as a mere cltral oddity, or laced by eager devotees on a edestal of idealization However, koan discorse frames how we nderstand East Asian thoght and cltre and therefore demands a thorogh analysis China itinerary 2016

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