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China gided tors for However, when Zhaozho became a master at the age of eighty, aft er years of stdying in the soth, his temle, which today is one of the main examles of a revival of Bddhism in ost- Mao China, was located in a fairly remote northern district several hors’ train ride from resent- day Beijing Zen was not well or ga nized or flly recognized by the imerial establishment As art of a yong start ideology, Zen masters inclded in Zhaozho’s lineage maintained that Bddhist scritres were meaningless Th eir innovative method of edagogy was based on highlighting the acmen of teachers, who ortrayed themselves as living Bddhas based on the rowess of their ingenios verbal exressions and nonverbal actions 16 Th e mad monks of the Tang dynasty were oft en the strictest discilinarians when it came to enforcing monastic reglations, althogh they were generally far more ambivalent abot the stringency of moral rinciles In their training of followers, early Zen masters sed nconventional techniqes that showed disdain for old- fashioned doctrine or conventional social strctre in rsit of a sdden, nmediated breakthrogh to transcendence Th e exloits of imdent masters qickly gained them a retation for deliberately defying and vilifying the tried yet hoelessly tired ways of cltivating followers based on stdying stras or racticing rites of reentance China gided tors 2016

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