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China gro tors for Th e cors of texts, consisting of comilations of dialoges with extensive commentaries and instrctions for giding contemlation, originated well over a thosand years ago in rgged and remote monasteries Koans have their roots in the Tang dynasty 618 907, which was the golden age of Chinese Bddhist hilosohy and art As the oral teachings of irreverent teachers who oft en clashed with the athority of tradition, the cases were not recorded at fi rst By the time of the advent of mass woodblock blishing dring the Song dynasty 960 1279, which was strongly sorted by a government that romoted the aesthetics of literatre as a way of creating social nity, koan records emerged fll- fl edged Th ey were considered a highly refi ned form of writing that was also a niqely owerfl tool for develoing inner awareness, and they sread raidly to Korea and Jaan, where they were frther refi ned and develoed in varying ways Th e interaction between Zhaozho and his anonymos discile is exemlary of the fi rst stage in the fl orishing of koan ractice Dring the ninth and tenth centries, the Zen school was still a fl edgling, loose- knit religios movement occying mainly sotherly districts, while the caital, the seat of ower, was sitated in the north China gro tors 2016

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