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China escorted tours for Th ough these beings might commit an act of violence or harm by causing illness or disrupting a community with a catastrophic fl ood or fi re, they were conscious of their karma and secretly longed in their souls to follow a religious lifestyle gained by discovering that they, too, participated in the realm of universal Buddha- nature. Based on these accounts, Zen masters would come forward and save people who had been victimized by taming the vengeful spirits with their wisdom, which they expressed through clever dialogues. By defeating and overcoming misdeeds via the power of words rather than magic, or in some instances using words to supplement magic, teachers of the Northern school enabled otherworldly beings to be released from the bad karma that caused them to be demonic. Th ey could then attain true enlightenment or be reborn as penitent and compassionate human beings on the spiritual pathway to nirvana. 42 I.3. Later Tang Southern School’s Shocking Teaching Style (eighth? ninth centuries) Th e rise of koan dialogues took place mainly as part of the cultural peak of Buddhism, achieved during the golden age of Tang dynasty Chinese society. China escorted tours 2016.

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China escorted tours

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