Chiang Mai – My Favorite City In Thailand

If I was going to pick one city in Thailand that would be the best – for hooking up with normal western girls – it would be Chiang Mai. The absolute worst places are Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok. In Phuket and Pattaya, even though there are plenty of normal girls that go there, they are so disgusted by the sex tourism that the last thing they want to do is feel like a whore. In Bangkok you have some of the same but also with the added danger factor. If you’re going to get scammed it’ll most likely happen in Bangkok, as it’s the first stop for unsuspecting tourists. Everyone’s guard is up and it’s not an ideal place for romance. Chiang Mai, however, is peaceful, stress free and safe. By the time you get to Chiang Mai, you will already be pretty comfortable with the do’s and don’ts in Thailand and can let your guard down.

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No one comes to Chiang Mai for sex tourism so everyone you meet traveling are (relatively) normal, mostly young and with good intentions. Every time I’ve been in Chiang Mai I’ve met a really cool girl that I ended up sight-seeing with, and really enjoying my time with. The only other place in the world that made me feel the same was Antigua, the old capital of Guatemala. Maybe it’s because both cities have history and are both a large square town surrounded by walls, or maybe it’s the abundance of artists, students and English teachers that make up the crowd. Either way, it’s my favorite place to hook up with a normal girl – and not just for a one night stand. Out of everywhere in Thailand, Chiang Mai is possibly the only place I could ever see myself really living long-term, maybe even retiring in. It’s also the only place I could see myself having a normal relationship and a normal life.

There are still a few places to party but it’s not really a party town. You have the local Thai places that are authentic and fun, and you have my favorite place of all, the square containing ‘Zoe in Yellow’ and ‘Roots, Rock, Reggae’. It was there, during the night of Songkran water festival, it happened to me again. This time I was completely smashed from drinking a flask of Hong Thong Thai Whiskey combined with some Xanax. It was my first (and last) time doing Xanax which was given to me by some girl at my hostel. She had warned me that mixing it with alcohol might make me black out but, at the time, it sounded like a good idea. I was so messed up I could hardly speak, causing an American girl I met that night to think I was actually Thai. Just like the Swedish girl I had met on the beach in Koh Phangan I guess this girl was looking forward to hooking up with a local guy as well, and it turns out it was going to be me that night. We kissed outside of the nightclub, ‘Zoe in Yellow’, and I ended up taking her hand and leading her back to my hostel. It was a 10 minute walk away and half way there she asked where we were going.

In my slurred English, I mumbled something about “just there” and pointed. My roommate at the hostel, a Dutch girl named Leonie, was still at the party so we had the room to ourselves. I don’t remember much about the sex, aside that she had a beautiful full body tattoo. I was a bit mad at Leonie for ‘leading me on’ the past two weeks and springing the “let’s just be friends” talk on me the day before. So the very next night, I did the exact same thing again, this time with a Canadian girl that I remember almost nothing about. This time however, Leonie was in the room sleeping. To be fair, I had told the Canadian girl that someone was sleeping inside and we should go somewhere else, but she insisted. I tried getting her to go into the bathroom with me but she pushed me down on the bed, which was the lower bunk, and got on top of me. One minute later I hear Leonie climb down the ladder, utterly pissed off at what just happened. I honestly don’t know if I did it out of spite but twenty minutes later, after we were done, I found Leonie sitting in the hallway furiously angry, waiting for us to have finished. The next day, after two weeks of traveling and sharing a room together, Leonie and I parted ways. I couldn’t tell if she was angry, disappointed or otherwise upset with me, but when she said goodbye I could sense it wasn’t just anger. Maybe she did have some feelings for me and was hurt when I took another girl home but she was the one to declare us just friends, so what the fuck did she want me to do about it ?

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